Victoria Austria Bluebird
The format changes here, this will be a page of additional pieces that have come to my attention. If you have pieces not already pictured on the website, I'll be glad to add them.
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3" across x 2 1/4" tall
size unknown
Baby Dish or Planting/Bulb Dish ?     Notice there is no Blue Bird in the interior.
Covered dish
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Page 3
Page 2
Page 1
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My guess is - missing lid -  original ladle ?
Page 8
Page 9
Covered Milk pitcher
6" tall with lid
7 1/2" X 2 1/4"
flat dish
raised edge
same dish as at the left
about 4"
Note the edges of these 8 1/2" matte bottoms trays
Various small dishes
Page 10
  I've had this jar for some time. It has a crack across the lid.
  I saw this one on Ebay that nobody had bid on, so thought it would be an upgrade to the one i had.
Well it really was -
The seller called it a ginger jar. Sounds good to me.