Victoria Austria Bluebird
As with page 7, this will be a page of additional pieces that have come to my attention. If you have pieces not already pictured on the website, I'll be glad to add them.
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below - I'm unsure what to call this one, obviously a serving piece because of the ladle like spoon. Tell me what you think.
This little bowl is 3" across. What would you call it ?
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below - Apparently a condiment jar, but why the hole in the bottom ?
This handled tray is about 8" across.
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11-25-04  Thanks to Jayne, I've been enlightened. This is a condensed milk holder, the hole allows you to push the can out. It sure is simple when you know the answer.
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  I knew there had to be a Child's Set out there. It finally found me. The teapot is 3 3/8" tall and the creamer is 1 1/4' tall.